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Anyone heard of Vibe Learning?

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Anyone heard of Vibe Learning? Empty Anyone heard of Vibe Learning?

Post by snaggywoo on Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:14 am

Hi everyone

I received an email from a company called Vibe Learning and I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of them?

They want groomers to be online tutors for their students. They want to pay you an amount her hour to answer student questions via email and mark assignments (an amount is paid her assignment).

I'm not interested in this as I doubt it would be worth my time (would be best to spend it grooming in my own business) but when I had a look at the website out of curiosity it seems they are offering an online course for $900 and a cheaper online course for $700 both promising to make someone a "certified dog groomer" ready to run their own dog grooming business after completing the course.

The more expensive course promises to talk business tactics and profits and breed styles etc. with access to online tutors (hence them approaching people like me) but I didn't see anywhere where there is a practical experience component!

Maybe I am missing something (forgive me if I am) but I think no-one should act as a professional dog groomer running their own business until they have some practical training with an experienced supervisor. This is a practical trade and an online course no matter how comprehensive will NEVER prepare students with the dog handling experience to accept people's money in the capacity of their own business (IMO).

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this cause it sounds like a bit of a scam?

The email I was sent said they are based in Newcastle and their dog grooming course is one of their most popular courses and they are going to launch it under its own animal related domain soon.

What do we all think?

Thought I would bring it to people's attention as I wouldn't want any newbies here getting sucked in if it is bogus.

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Anyone heard of Vibe Learning? Empty Re: Anyone heard of Vibe Learning?

Post by DoggyDoos on Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:19 pm

Sounds like a dodgey way to make money.  As you said, you can't learn to groom without any practical component.

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Anyone heard of Vibe Learning? Empty Re: Anyone heard of Vibe Learning?

Post by VibeLearning on Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:37 pm

Hi Snaggywoo

This is great feedback for us and a topic of conversation that is often discussed within our team.  At Vibe Learning we completely agree that dog grooming is a highly practical skill, which requires a fundamental understanding of both theory and practical components.

As you mentioned, Dog Grooming is one of our most popular courses, which demonstrates the demand and need for flexible online learning in this rewarding industry.  Our goal with this course is to offer an affordable, quality, online dog grooming course to those that it suits, without losing the benefits of learning crucial practical skills from an expert.  Currently we do offer students the option to complete a practical component, however we are in the process of relaunching the course, utilising some new teaching tools and techniques.  These tools allow us to encompass vital practical components without compromising on the flexibility in the delivery.  In addition to their studies, our students are encouraged to seek practical placements in their local area because it is impossible to teach what valuable experience brings.  

As with any course, whether it be online or face to face, we don’t expect our students to complete their studies and immediately become professional groomers.  Instead we equip our students with the solid foundation level skills and knowledge they need to embark on a career in the industry as well as providing industry specific business advice from our network of professional tutors.  We find that many of our students have chosen us because they’re not quite ready to jump feet first into a career as a dog groomer, instead they want the opportunity to learn about the industry and develop their skills, discovering if it is the right career path for them.

Our reason for reaching out to you was to grow our network of localised reputed professional dog groomers so that we can offer our students access to industry experts in their area.  This offers both coaching and tutoring as well as potential networking opportunities to our students after they complete.

We certainly value feedback from professionals in the industry, and would love the opportunity if not to work with you as a tutor, but to invite you to our industry consultation meetings in the future.

Thanking you for your feedback. Smile
Vibe Learning

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Anyone heard of Vibe Learning? Empty Re: Anyone heard of Vibe Learning?

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