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Terms, Conditions, Policies.

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Terms, Conditions, Policies.

Post by Tail's a Waggin' on Wed May 20, 2009 4:35 pm

Hi everyone.

I thought I was quite firm with my policies but after several weeks of intolerable cancellations from clients who asked for these bookings I find I have now after four years. "CRACKED IT"

I have only ever explained by terms conditions and policies verbally.
It is obvious with alot of people they just don't listen nor care. Sad I would like to create a flyer to give new clients explaining conditions of appts, cancellation fees, resheduling fees, schedule appts etc.

Barb I couldn't agree more with you when you say that a courtesy call is exactly that a courtesy call and not an option to reshed as it doesn't suit you now.

Today I have dumped two customers from sheer fustration of constantly being hounded for appt, make appt and then they cancell on courtesy call. Mad

I'd really like to read anyone elses policies. Any one who is prepared to mail me through their terms and conditions would be greatly appreciated. My personal email is

I thought it would help with wording ect. I want to mail this out to all customers with a cover letter urging my customers to read it as I would not like to offend anyone in the future when I charge reshed fee, cancellation fee, or just in general ask them politely not to waste my time and find themselves someone else they can inconvience on a regular basis. Mad

I'm really starting to see the advantages of working at home. If people can't give me the courtesy I deserve then maybe them coming to me and I'm not home may get the message across.

I don't forget so let's see how they go this spring for a booking.

Any help on setting up a policy sheet is greatly appreciated. I would like to have this on hand before the start of the peak season.
Tail's a Waggin'

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Re: Terms, Conditions, Policies.

Post by peke-lover on Wed May 20, 2009 4:50 pm

Sure Sarah, mine is very basic, I only did it last week out of sheer frustration as well, but am happy to send it to you once I try and figure out how to scan Very Happy

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Re: Terms, Conditions, Policies.

Post by Westie on Wed May 20, 2009 7:39 pm

Just emailed you mine Sarah. I hand all new clients info that clearly states my policies. When I make a new doc with any changes noted I make sure all clients reg and casual get a copy at their next appt. The only thing I post out is Mailout reminders to book when things get a bit quiet and birthday cards. I am usually so p**ssed off when they call to resched or cancel that I grill them a bit about why and the goodies will be genuine and the baddies will get hit with the fee to be paid into my account. Doesn't always get paid, doesn't always keep me clients but the ones I lose are the ones I don't want to keep long-term.
I also charge a $1.50 for clients crediting my account after our appt cos I often have to wait a week for the money to show in my account. Too difficult to know how to incorporate that into my fees but I only offer it to Regs anyway. They're just glad they don't have to remember to have cash payment for me, bless them!

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Re: Terms, Conditions, Policies.

Post by Donna on Wed May 20, 2009 7:44 pm

Hey Sarah i don't have one myself but would be willing to help you out from the computer side of it..designing,etc
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Re: Terms, Conditions, Policies.

Post by Wagging Tails FNQ on Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:03 pm

Hi there guys,

We have been using verbal Terms when we bought our new business and had a few issues with this and can not action has there is no legal document.

such as Late fee's, Cancellation fee's, etc...

Does anyone have a template for mobile grooming that we could have a look at as we need to get one in place.

Thank you so much
Wagging Tails FNQ

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Re: Terms, Conditions, Policies.

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