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Facebook vs Google Search for getting new customers

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Facebook vs Google Search for getting new customers Empty Facebook vs Google Search for getting new customers

Post by snaggywoo on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:58 pm

Hi there forum buddies!

I'm currently doing quite well when it comes to Google search for acquiring new customers and I have heard that Facebook is also a good option.

I know Cessnock on this forum has used Facebook for this with success.

I'm wondering whether other groomers have tried this and what they think.

The reason I hesitate is I don't know whether you would get alot of time wasters/social media nutters that don't make good long term customers? There is no point if it doesn't attract the right sort of people if you know what I mean. Many of the people who I know that use Facebook are just using it for fun and are under 30 years old (I've noticed most of my best customers are 30-50 years old, time poor professionals with disposable income etc.). The people I know who are frequent facebook users tend to be a tad nutty and a bit all over the place and just love being able to gossip and get instant gratification. Maybe I just know nutty people? I've asked my friends that I would say describe as a bit more sensible and reliable and they say if they wanted to engage a groomer or tradesperson they would Google it rather than ask their facebook friends or trust something that came up on a Facebook page.

I also am a control freak by nature! Cool 
I don't like the idea of something I can't completely control. Don't get me wrong...I have nothing to hide but just don't like the idea that anyone can say anything... maybe some person you knew 10 years ago who hates you or something? Maybe I'm paranoid? haha!

I'd be interested to hear whether other groomers have used Facebook for acquiring new customers and whether the customers have proved to be reliable and good regulars or whether they are nutty time wasters that muck you around with appointments etc.

Thanks as always for your input Smile

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Facebook vs Google Search for getting new customers Empty Re: Facebook vs Google Search for getting new customers

Post by ironbutterfly on Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:45 pm

Hi snaggywoo,
Really depends on the usage of FB in your community. I live in a mining community and everyone uses FB so for me having a FB page (once I set up) is more beneficial than having a website. There are several local pages and basically the whole community uses them daily (buy and sell/pets/notice board etc). Same as the last place I lived, friends involved in the pet industry gain more customers by using FB and having a presence on other pages/groups than just a website. 
BTW I'm 29 and not all under 30's are crazy FB users Wink


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