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Sudden onset of allergies?

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Sudden onset of allergies?

Post by Shonnie on Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:15 pm

Never before in my life have I been allergic to animals before but this past week my face has developed a very itchy rash. Friday it was so bad that the first dog I clipped I felt my face swell and get really itchy. It then cleared up over the weekend (no clipping) but today I put my jacket on that the cat had been sleeping on and bam within 5 mins the rash had flared up again. Clipped 4 and bathed 2 today and my face is a mess. Went to the chemist for anti histamines and cortisone and it's still horrible. My mum is convinced its actually an allergy to the chlorine in the water but I'm pretty sure its the hair and flaky skin. Any ideas? Rash is only on my face :/

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Re: Sudden onset of allergies?

Post by snaggywoo on Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:09 pm

Hey that's weird. I was thinking of doing a post on how I have a weird red rash on the insides of my hands. It started around 2 weeks ago and seems to feel like its burning. It gets better when I have a day off grooming then really flares up again after a few dogs. I have been using a dermatitis cream called Eumovate (available over the counter at the chemist) and it seems to help but I can't seem to completely kick it. Day after day of grooming seems to always be a step backwards and the cold doesn't help.

You could try a dermatitis cream like that? I tried cortisone cream but it had no effect.

I'm not a pharmacist but maybe that's something to try?

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Re: Sudden onset of allergies?

Post by QB on Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:12 am

I have noticed that my hands get really dry and flaky with a burning sensation and this occurs in winter.. I think its to due checking if the heated water is not too hot then being in the cold air. Also using the hair dryer which really dehydrates the hand out in the colder weather..Try wearing fingerless gloves while grooming and drying the dog as I find this method does not dry the hands out as much and using hand creams more often should help.


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Re: Sudden onset of allergies?

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