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That unspoken of time - when you cut a dog

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That unspoken of time - when you cut a dog

Post by Shonnie on Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:29 pm

How do you deal with it? We all know it happens. Luckily I work in a vet clinic that patches up the odd one here and there that I get.

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Re: That unspoken of time - when you cut a dog

Post by puddles on Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:09 pm

You feel... not very good? I've only had a couple that needed vet treatment, one just after I started and didn't know the tricks of dealing with very matted dogs, and the other not so long ago. 

The first, I called the owner, ran the dog to the vet, and paid for a few stitches. Owner was OK about it. 

The second is very skinny with paper thin skin. I managed a tiny, thin slice inside her hock, told the owner, all good. She rang later to say it had just peeled open till she had a gaping wound needing sewing. Again, owner was good, since she's done worse to that dog herself! She wouldn't take payment for the vet bill, but I did a couple of grooms for free.

Those itty bitty scratches and nicks you occasionally do, I just add antibiotic cream and inform the owner. That doesn't include the matted dogs with injuries, rashes, grass seeds, sticks etc etc. I tell the owner, explain how it all happens, and direct them to the vet. Sometimes they get the dog treated. (but not often. I even did a dog who'd been 'attacked by that pit bull', had swollen infected bites, and the owner was planning a vet visit in a few days. maybe.)

And that dog who went ballistic in the bath and rubbed her neck and chest raw - I made it quite clear that was what happened when you neglect your dog, shave it once a year, and don't notice the sores and mildew. Not my responsibility. They went to twice a year shaves. Dog still goes nuts.


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