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Good grooming book/dvds for beginner?

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Good grooming book/dvds for beginner?

Post by snaggywoo on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:39 pm

Hi everyone

I intend to do a hands on course in dog grooming but to maximise the benefit of this I am looking for a book/dvd series that I can study first so I am not quite a raw beginner when it comes to the hands on experience.

Is there a good book/dvd series that people can recommend?

I have seen people on here talking about Jodi Murphy's dvds. The 2 mobile groomer dvds look interesting. The full course however looks quite full on and I'm worried that 10 or more dvds on all different dog breeds might be way too much for me as a beginner.

Any suggestions as to some beginners dog grooming books/dvds? Anything aimed at the mobile groomer would be great too.


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Re: Good grooming book/dvds for beginner?

Post by gumsgrooming on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:40 pm

Notes from the grooming table is a good book to start with, covers most breeds reasonably well.

Super styling sessions dvd's are good as are the Jodi Murphy ones. Basic dvds to start with are ones that cover pet trims like your oodles and drop coat breed crosses
like this one
also dvds that covers basics like bathing and drying are helpful too

I have this one as most of my dogs get the same body style but different heads so i found it helpful

I found that its best to start with the dvds that are a bit more general like mix breeds, bathing, drying, scissoring, snap on combs then as you progress then start investing in breed specific ones. The only breed specific one i would start with is the poodle.


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