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Selling flea treatment and worming products

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Selling flea treatment and worming products

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:45 pm

When I start my mobile business I wanted to stock flea and worming tablets. I had decided on "comfortis" and "drontal all wormer" BUT I was talking to another groomer about comfortis and she said that it's for a vet to sell. So I was just wondering who sells flea and worming tablets to their clients and what are the best ones for a grooomer to sell if at all?

I know there's capstar but I was thinking more monthly treatments.


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Re: Selling flea treatment and worming products

Post by Cessnock on Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:18 pm

I sell comfortis...make sure you stress that the dogs have to have it with food or they will vomit....if this happens & the customer has brought from a vet Comfortis will replace the tablet but not when the customer buys from a groomer Grrr

I sell Fido's allwormers ...too often you will come across a dog with tapeworms & they need a top up along with the regular 3 monthly dose :-)

Capstars I use in salon.

I also stock Preventic tick collars ...we live in a tick free area but if a client mentions they are going on you will need on of these Smile

Be careful you dont tie up too much of your $$ in stock ..have a good wholesaler who does next day deliveries .

My best sellers are ..(in order)


Advocate cat

Slicker brushes

Ear cleaner

Small bottles (125mls) of shampoo for those inbetween weeks

HTH Smile

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