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How to post a Calendar Event

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How to post a Calendar Event

Post by Site Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:29 am

First thing to remember is the event has to be made from a new topic, a reply will not work.

By default it will post it in the "Calendar Events".

So make a new post with a new topic. What will show on the calendar is the Title of the topic and the first couple of sentences of the post.

NOTE: It can be any topic that you have made a post in, as noted by the availability of the *calendar event.

I will use this post to make a calendar event.

Now look below the post box and you will see the word calendar, below options.
Expand it if it is not expanded... by clicking on the plus sign.

You will see the following......

Calendar event : Today........The date the event will occur.
Hour of the event : Hours Minutes........time it will start.
During : Days Hours Minutes....length of the event in days,
hours, minutes.

Now click on Send of your post. Any problems send me a PM.

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